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Dark Angels of Ukraine


It began in 2008 when Russia slowly annexed Georgia and Crimea. Following this, in 2014 the
Donbass of Ukraine was attacked. Then, on February 24, 2022 Russia invaded the whole of
Ukraine. Now we see that these actions have dire consequences for the rest of the world.

We are here to help the people and military of Ukraine.
Choose your patch below to help or join us! Slava Ukraini!

We are here to help the people and military of Ukraine.
Choose your patch below to help or join us! Slava Ukraini!

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All of these efforts have been done with our own personal funds. Our vehicle has needed several costly repairs due to poor conditions on Ukrainian roads, and fuel prices are skyrocketing. Food and fresh water contributions to refugee centers have been paid for out of pocket. We have
dedicated our time and money to providing logistics, humanitarian aid, and military training to the people of Ukraine, but as this war progresses our team is preparing for work in more austere environments, and specialized military equipment will be needed to accomplish these missions.

We are a unit of international volunteers who all came to Ukraine for a singular purpose: to help protect the freedom of the people of Ukraine. We all happened upon each other in this country coincidentally, but we came together as a collective unit to defend or otherwise assist those that have been impacted by the destruction wrought on the Ukrainian people by an oppressive enemy.

A founding member of the Dark Angels brought his personal vehicle from the UK, and we have used it extensively, going to great lengths to help those in need, working night and day while traveling thousands of miles across Eastern Europe. Beginning with this single truck, we aided in moving humanitarian goods such as food, water, and medical supplies to refugee centers and military units. We also used this vehicle to extract individuals stranded in Ukraine so they could return to their home countries.




Ukraine’s Citizen Soldiers Learn Battlefield Skills From Private Drillmasters

June 1, 2022

Since the nationwide call to defend Ukraine against Russia’s invasion, many men and women with virtually no military experience have found themselves on the front lines fighting to defend their country. With the government in Kyiv stretched thin, private organizations are stepping in to fill the gaps and ensure that Ukraine’s volunteer fighters are prepared to take on the Russian military.


Імітація артобстрілу та як поводитися зі зброєю: для запоріжців влаштували екстремальний тренінг

May 26, 2022

Врятувати життя собі і тим, хто поруч. Як не розгубитися, не запанікувати та правильно діяти, якщо потрапив під артобстріл, або якщо поруч – поранений боєць. Знання від яких може залежати життя, отримали запоріжці на екстремальному тренінгу від громадського об’єднання «Вогник Запоріжжя».

Daniel Burke, back row, left, and Sam Newey, front row, left, are among the Brits leading the international volunteer squad the Dark Angels in Ukraine

june 24, 2022

Their unit, known as the Dark Angels, began the commando-style raid after troops from Ukraine’s 28th Brigade gave them an £80,000 fire-and-forget missile.

Body cam footage shot by fellow Brit fighter Sam Newey — a ­student from Birmingham with no previous military experience — shows the four-man team creeping up to a ridge line to fire the US-made guided weapon.





Another close cooperation partner with Ukrain/American Volunteers providing donations and humanitarian support.







Close corporation partner for military and civilian TCCC / first aid trainings.

Our local partner when it comes to guns, ammo, spareparts, repair and more.

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Our U.S. partner donating MREs & more to Ukraine which we distribute to frontline.

Logistic Partner from the U.S. moving donations across the globe to reach Ukraine.

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